Venue: Puebla, Mexico | February 17 and 18, 2016


The nternational Conference on Energy Efficiency in Cities (CIEEC) was held in Puebla, Mexico on February 17 and 18, 2016.  The event took place within the 2016 Latin American edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress.

The CIEEC was organized by Mexico’s Energy Ministry (SENER) with the support of World Bank, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC), the Development Bank for Latin America (CAF) and the British Embassy in Mexico. The event aimed to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the possibilities and options to scale-up energy efficiency in cities and how these can also help local and national governments to:

  • Meet energy security objectives, deliver quality and affordable services to increasing numbers of urban dwellers, and contribute to economic development.

  • Reduce local and global air pollution, and contribute to the implementation of nationally-determined contributions (NDCs) to address climate change.

Specifically, the Conference sought to:

  1. Promote a dialogue on practical financing mechanisms, transformational policies and national programs aimed at supporting local governments in the promotion of smart, efficient and sustainable cities around the world.

  2. Explore new models and approaches to fast-track the deployment of energy efficiency measures and technologies.

The World Bank Director of Energy and Extractives Global Practice, Charles Feinstein and the Under-Secretary for Energy Planning and Transition of Mexico’s Energy Ministry, Mr. Leonardo Beltran also provided remarks at the Opening Ceremony of the Smart City Expo Puebla (February 16, 2016).

  1. World Energy Outlook, Enery Efficient and Cities | Brian Motherway, IEA

  2. Catalyzing Sustainable Economic Growth while Reducing Emissions - Insights from The New Climate Economy | Jennifer Layke, WRI

  3. Setting The National Agenda: National Policy to Support Energy Efficiency Cities | Benoit Lebot, IPEEC

  4. Opportunities for Improving Energy Efficiency in Cities | Kelly Speakes-Backman, Alliance to Save Energy

  5. Planning and Integration of Energy Considerations | Stephen Cook, ARUP

  6. Taking Action On Energy Efficient Cities: The Mexico Case | Francisco Barnes, Centro Mario Molina

  7. How To Build Green and Smart Cities | Hal Harvey, Energy Innovation, Policy and Technology LLC

  8. Financing Energy Efficiency In The Municipal Sector | Jas Singh, the World Bank Group

  • Remarks from Mr. Charles Feinstein (Director, Energy and Extractives Global Practice, World Bank) and Mr. Leonardo Beltran (Under-Secretary for Energy Planning and Transition, Mexico’s Energy Ministry, SENER) at the inauguration of the Smart City Expo Puebla (February 16).

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International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Cities, Puebla Mexico 2016