Business Opportunities

ESMAP has issued a Request for Expression of Interest for case studies on Impact of Clean Energy Transition on Job Creation which will investigate how the energy transition away from fossil fuels, encompassing the adoption of new technologies and models of service delivery in the sector can contribute to the generation of jobs and support economic activity while advancing the global decarbonization agenda. For a specified set of World Bank energy sector projects, the Consultant will prepare detailed case studies. As part of each case study, the Consultant will trace the set of activities undertaken as part of the project; develop a methodology for estimating jobs created by and as a result of the project, articulating a results chain in the process; and, applying the methodology, estimate the employment impact of the project (jobs numbers and various dimensions of job quality, earnings, etc.). Key findings from the case studies will be summarized in a note.

Firms can access the REOI here, entering the selection number 1272407. The deadline for the REOI is February 2nd, 11:59pm EST. Please feel free to share this opportunity with your networks.