Improving Livelihoods and Human Capital

The initiative on improving livelihoods and human capital aims at stimulating electricity demand, mainly for productive use and electricity connection of public facilities. Global electrification efforts create opportunities for sustainability and enhanced impact of energy provision.

Moreover, the Covid19 pandemic/post-pandemic context calls for rapid action to deploy vaccines through safe, effective, and sustainable cold chains, restore livelihoods, stimulate economic growth, income generation and job creation, strengthen public institutions and the resilience of the communities. Recent innovations in renewable energy, battery storage, remote monitoring/PAYG, data, etc. can be leveraged to provide targeted services to small-holder farmers and other rural SMEs, to support appliance ownership and to sustainably electrify public institutions through public and private partnership models.  

Main components:

  • Knowledge sharing, data collection and analytics, which aim at developing flagship reports, capacity building programs, and operational tools to advance the understanding of the ecosystems required for productive use of electricity and sustainable models for electrification of public institutions
  • Operational support for project design and implementation to mainstream productive uses of electricity and electrification of public institutions in access operations
  • Leveraging partnership and enhancing convening role of ESMAP to foster inter-sector cooperation, ensure coordination, advocacy, political support, knowledge sharing and alignment of investments