PAST EVENT | ESMAP Open Webinar Series: ESP | Developing Battery Energy Storage Projects: Safety and Warranty Considerations | July 21
Venue: Virtual

Due to the pace of energy storage emergence and the wide variety of systems, appropriate codes, standards and regulations for planning, procuring, operating, and decommissioning lag behind installations. Warranties that provide mechanisms for buyers and investors to mitigate the technical and operational risks of battery projects aren't uniformly available across different manufacturers and technologies.

This webinar discussed the typical elements in existing guidelines related to safe operation of energy storage devices throughout the energy storage system’s project lifecycle.  Additionally, the webinar further delved into:

  • Understanding the importance of strong safety guidelines to avoid fires and incidents in the equipment, due various reasons including improper installation, maintenance and control.
  • Understanding how warranties enhance bankability of storage projects and help provide a level playing field for all battery technologies accounting for specific conditions  such as: high temperature, limitations in internet access and remote monitoring, low availability of skilled local workforce, poor site accessibility in remote locations; and need for flexible operation.
  • Considering how warrantees can ensure quality and performance capabilities, including covering for manufacturing defects, declines in performance and excessive maintenance among other features.
  • Hearing a real-life case studies of safety of Li-ion BESS in South Korea and on long-term insurance for flow battery performance.



1.            Li-ion Battery of BESS Safety in Korea by Dr. Yu Tack Kim (KBIA)

2.           Green Tech Solutions | Energy Storage System: Product & Performance Cover by Dr. Sebastian Scholz (Munich RE)

3.           Energy Storage Partnership WG1 -Safe Operating Guidelines for Electrical Energy Storage Systems in Developing Countries | Draft Report by Adam Tuck, NRC

4.           Warranties for BESS in Developing Countries by Sandra Chavez (ESMAP)


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