SRMI Facility: Environmental and Social Sustainability Framework | Phase I

This report describes the Environmental and Social Sustainability Framework (ESSF) to be followed under the Sustainable Renewables Risk Mitigation Initiative (SRMI) Facility. It describes standards, processes, and tools that are considered as the basis of the Environmental and Social (E&S) management approach of the Facility.

It also includes indicative templates and outlines of potential environmental and social documents that may be required for the proposed projects under the SRMI Facility.  The ESSF also describes the main steps to be taken by the Borrowers to manage the environmental and social issues associated with the projects to meet the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs), as presented under the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF).

As part of the SRMI Facility, the ESSF will be applied to all projects included in the Facility. The projects are located in Botswana, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mali, Namibia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

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The present document establishes the Environmental and Social Sustainability Framework of the World Bank and GCF SRMI Facility. It describes standards, procedures, processes and tools that are considered as the basis of the environmental and social approach of the SRMI Facility. Please note that the English version of the SRMI Facility E&S Sustainability Framework shall prevail over the other translated versions in case of doubt in its understanding.

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