Annual Reports

PUBLISHEDNovember 5 2006
ESMAP Annual Report 2006

This annual reports highlights ESMAP's activities for the year 2006. It was a significant year for ESMAP as it was the midpoint of ESMAP's 2005-2007 Business Plan and a year that emphasized global vision, innovative research, and knowledge sharing. Since 2005, ESMAP has been taking a regional-centric approach to project management and become more demand-driven than ever before. ESMAP had a productive year and so far 2007 promises to be even more so.

In 2006, ESMAP received a total of $16 million from its contributing donors for future activities. Total disbursements in 2006 exceeded for the first time the $10 million mark. As ESMAP approaches its 25th anniversary in 2008, we are looking toward next-generation energy research, focusing on timely, relevant projects and innovative studies that will help inform the global community in the 21st century.


World Bank. 2006. ESMAP Annual Report 2006. Washington, DC: World Bank.

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