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ESMAP Annual Report 2000-2001

At the onset of the 1999-2001 Business Plan, ESMAP was confronted with the lingering negative legacy of previous rural electrification programs whose progress over the preceding decades has not given the development community much to celebrate. Two key problems were identified as (i) purely government or donor-run supply driven programs resulting in unsustainable energy service delivery systems, and (ii) insufficient attention to inputs other than energy resulting in low development impact.

ESMAP is therefore focusing on providing pragmatic intellectual leadership in this changing sector concentrated in four areas during 2000-2001: developing new institutional and financing models for rural service delivery; fostering a more holistic approach to rural electrification focusing on its role in rural development; quantifying the links between energy service delivery and development outcomes; and developing participatory processes as vehicles for developing and propagating sector strategies that can be implemented by multiple stakeholders. The ESMAP 2000-2001 highlights are: 115 on-going projects in more than 37 countries; 14 projects completed, 47 projects launched, 33 reports published; Donors contributed $13.2 million; introduction of the Technical Paper Series with more than 20 published paper; a Web site for Donors' access; a new Energy Development Report for 2001: Energy and the Environment; and a new Business Plan for 2002-2004.


World Bank. 2002. ESMAP Annual Report 2000-2001. Washington, DC: World Bank.

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