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At less than 2%, Liberia has one of the world's lowest rates of electrification. Expanding access to reliable and affordable electricity, particularly to the rural poor, is one of Liberia's topmost priorities
Mini grids hold a great promise for electrifying remote areas in regions such as Sub Saharan Africa and Asia and help countries reach their energy access goals.
Urban energy efficiency is crucial for Mexico to achieve its energy and climate change goals. A new Municipal Energy Efficiency Project will finance the design and implementation of investments in several Mexican cities across the country.
Charcoal production, a predominantly male activity, is being reformed in Senegal's Kaffrine region to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and include women on all levels of the value chain. Empowered by the Second…
Power distribution utilities are often hesitant to operate in urban slums and informal settlements because of perceived low return on investments—additional costs to reach slum dwellers, high risk of electricity theft and equipment damage
Almost 85% of households in rural Myanmar have no electricity connection, creating hardship, perpetuating poverty, and stalling development.