It’s time for Geothermal Direct Use – the harnessing of the earth’s thermal resources to provide heat to industries and communities – to take center stage. Fossil fuels are out; the energy transition and decarbonization are in. Meanwhile, geothermal technologies are increasingly sophisticated and economically competitive. Geothermal Direct Use (GDU) is poised to enter the mainstream.

What resources are available to you and your country as you start down the road to GDU? And who has already crossed the GDU finish line and how did they get there?

The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) is pleased to announce the launch of the global event designed to demystify GDU, inform and connect stakeholders, and accelerate the uptake of GDU world-wide.

Pivoting around virtual world tours of installations, masterclasses, and interactive group discussions, the Geothermal Direct Use: Global Forum & Tour (GDU Global) will bring national and industry leaders together to define best practices, frameworks, and a roadmap to establish GDU as a critical source and supply of heat.

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