Tanzania Power Loss Reduction Study Volume 1: Transmission and Distribution System Technical Loss Reduction and Network Development June 1998

The project seeks to find solutions to redress the poor supply conditions in TANESCO's power network and to reduce the existing high level of system losses. In particular possibilities of any short-term actions to improve network voltages and enable new consumers to be added to the system at locations where such difficulties exist are to be explored. A major goal is also the development of TANESCO's competence in the field of distribution system planning so that timely action would continue to be taken to keep the networks at acceptable technoeconomic
standards. Specific objectives are as follows:
* Identification of the main reasons for the poor system performance in the east and northeast regions of the network and development of solutions for rectification
* Identification of the sources of technical and nontechnical losses and development of reliable estimates of the contribution of each to overall losses
* Development of projects to reduce technical losses to economic levels
* Introduction to TANESCO of state-of-the-art techniques of data collection and distribution system planning and training counterpart staff to ensure the continuity of the applications.

The study report is issued in two volumes, undertaking the technical and nontechnical
problems, respectively. The present report, volume (i), deals with the diagnoses of problems and provides proposals to improve the technical condition of the transmission and distribution systems. Volume 2 deals with non-technical loss issues.


UNDP and World Bank. 1998. Tanzania: Power Loss Reduction Study; Volume 1: Transmission and Distribution System Reduction of Non-Technical Losses. ESMAP Report 204A/98. Washington, DC: World Bank.

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