Issue | July - August 2016

July 1 2016 A Brighter Energy Future for Liberia Over the past decade, ESMAP has provided support to establish Liberia’s Rural and Renewable Energy Agency and to help the country expand the use of local renewable sources of energy to increase energy access. #f79f34


September 2 2016
As a key partner of Indonesia’s Clean Stove Initiative, the World Bank is helping the government design a strategy to achieve universal access to clean cooking by 2030. ESMAP support is helping to design and pilot an innovative approach to develop a robust cookstoves market and increase household access to a range of clean stoves.
August 31 2016
ESMAP is supporting World Bank investments to improve access to basic services by strengthening policies and building institutions in Niger’s electricity sector.
September 1 2016
A key solution to addressing lack of access to adequate and reliable energy, a major impediment to Madagascar’s economic and social development, is to help the country diversify its energy mix. In addition to solar and wind power, hydropower represents one of the most promising sources of power. With ESMAP’s support, the World Bank has stepped in to help the government develop priority small hydropower sites in the country.

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