On September 10, 2015 over 100 participants joined the Energy for Development Conference: Promoting a Gender Inclusive and Pro-Poor Sector, co-hosted by Power Africa, ESMAP, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Development practitioners' recognition of the importance of electricity to economic growth has led to billions of dollars in investment in the energy sector. To ensure the maximum impact of these investments, it is essential to consider how electricity can contribute to poverty reduction, social inclusion and gender equality. This one day event aimed to advance global discussion and share lessons learned, best practices, evidence and experiences on the linkages between energy, poverty and gender.

Themes included:

  • Key gender and social inclusion issues in the energy sector

  • Lowering barriers to connecting and ensuring uptake of electricity

  • Supporting utilities, regulators and ministries: gender-responsive and pro-poor planning and service delivery

  • Off-grid renewable energy solutions and women's productive use of electricity

  • Social and gender impacts of energy infrastructure construction

  • Private sector investment in energy solution

  • Measuring and evaluating impacts and benefits

  • What have we learned, where do we go from here?

Full Conference Agenda


  1. Promoting a Gender Inclusive and Pro-Poor Energy Sector: An Overview
  2. Lowering Barriers to Electricity Access, Uptake and Usage
  3. Institutional Strengthening for Gender Responsive and Pro-Poor Service Delivery
  4. Enhancing Productive Uses of Electricity and Employment Opportunities in the Sector
  5. Social and Gender Issues in Energy Infrastructure Construction: Risks and Opportunities
  6. Investing in Women: From Why to How
  7. Measuring and Evaluating Impacts

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