Issue | May - June 2016

June 1 2016 Mini Grids: Bringing Low Cost, Timely Electricity to the Rural Poor Innovations and declining costs have made mini grids a viable option to boost economic activity in areas that would otherwise be waiting years for grid connection. #f79f34


July 4 2016
ESMAP-financed project takes a unique approach for increasing adoption rates by focusing on value chain integration and results-based commercial distribution through the Distribution Challenge Fund (DCF) competition.
June 27 2016
China has the largest logistic sector in the world, but poor infrastructure networks, connectivity, and integration are hampering the sector. Efficient and green logistics will improve competitiveness, energy efficiency, and reduce harmful emissions. The World Bank approved a US$100 million loan to help enhance the efficiency of the Xiaogan Logistics Park. By modernizing the park, the project is expected to support greener growth and help create jobs to boost the incomes of almost 40,000 people. ESMAP is addressing knowledge gaps for the efficient and green operation of the park by promoting best practices and new knowledge, and building staff capacity.
June 22 2016
Currently, close to 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live without electricity access, underlining the reality that the region simply does not generate enough power to meet its needs. Given Africa's power sector needs far exceed most countries' already stretched public finances, it is crucial for governments to attract greater levels of private investment to scale up generation capacity and help take electricity to those who need it most, according to a new report supported by ESMAP.
July 4 2016
ESMAP support is strengthening the capacity of local municipalities to plan and implement energy efficiency activities and to prepare related investments.

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