ESMAP - South Asia and East Asia & Pacific Regions Renewable Energy Training Program | DAY 2


April 24 | Day 2





Session 3:  Grid Integration

Moderated by Dejan Ostojic

Grid Impact of Variable Generation at High Penetration Levels: Overview of Solutions


Daniel Liang, DNG GL

Session 3: Grid Integration (cont.)

Moderated by Dejan Ostojic

Energy Storage for Renewable Integration


Jerry Randall, DNV GL

SOUTH-SOUTH Exchange Sessions

1.     Distributed Generation in Grids/Minigrids


2.     Renewable Energy Resources Mapping

3.     Scaling-up Renewables

4.     Experiences and Lessons of EAP & SA Regional Power Market

All Participants

Session 4: Financing

Moderated by Zubair Sadeque

Preconditions for Successful Financing of Projects

Sameh Mobarek, WBG


Structuring Public & Concessional Finance to Deliver Investment



Xiaodong Wang, WBG

Session 4: Financing (cont.)

Moderated by Zubair Sadeque

Overview of Private Project Financing

Sameh Mobarek, WBG


PPP Financing Overview & Case Study


Sameh Mobarek, WBG


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