How to Use this Toolkit

Please watch the video below for a brief overview and instructions on how to use and navigate the HEAT Toolkit. Additional details with screen shots of each of the toolkit sections are also provided below the video.

1. The process should be lead by an Assignment Management Team who will need to engage with other energy sector stakeholders at various stages. Click here for more details on the Assignment Management Team.
2.  The layout of toolkit consists of two diagrams as shown below: (i) a Framework Diagram, on the left hand side, indicating the process, broken down into eight sequential stages numbered from 1 through 8, and, (ii) a Dropdown Menu, on the right hand side, with eight boxes denoting the timing based around the two participatory workshops and the related meetings of the risk-based process. The boxes are not clickable.
Note: The diagram below is for illustration purposes only. To access the active Framework Diagram click here
3.  To begin, simply use the Framework Diagram on the left to navigate starting from Stage 1 and continue in sequence, in a clockwise order until completing Stage 8. Any Stage will be highlighted when selected with the mouse cursor, and the corresponding stage sub-components will appear on the dropdown menu as shown below.
Note: The diagram below is for illustration purposes only. To access the active Framework Diagram click here
4.   Clicking the stage sub-component link(s) under the boxes of the Dropdown menu will open a separate page (see sample below) providing guidance on:
  • Who's involved in undertaking the stage
  • Timing for when to do each stage and the time required to undertake each stage,
  • Key questions that should be answered at each stage,
  • Tools to help,
  • Guidance describing what should be done at each stage,
  • Outputs of each stage,
  • Examples of how the process was undertaken in Albania (2009) and Uzbekistan (2010).
 Note: The diagram below is for illustration purposes only.
5.  At any time, any stage can be selected by clicking on it using the mouse/cursor - the corresponding stage links and sub-components will appear on the Dropdown menu.
6. Clicking on the center of the Framework Diagram, will launch the video "Helping Albania's Energy Sector Respond to Climate Change."  The video is also available on the files section of the toolkit in the main menu.
7.   A Glossary of terms is also available on the main menu of the toolkit.