Annual Reports

PUBLISHEDDecember 29 2013
ESMAP Annual Report 2013

This Annual Report is a comprehensive look at ESMAP’s programs, results, outputs and budget for Fiscal Year 2013, which also marks 30 years since ESMAP was founded. 

The first chapter of the Annual Report covers ESMAP’s overall strategic direction, including support to the global Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, lessons learned and incorporated, and new business plan for FY2014-16.  The following four chapters look at work done under ESMAP’s main focus areas:

  • Clean Energy
  • Energy Access (including AFREA – the Africa Renewable Energy and Access program)
  • Energy Efficient Cities
  • Energy Assessments and Strategies

Each chapter gives an overview of activities and results in FY2013, followed by a look at upcoming work in FY2014 and beyond. Special sections cover ESMAP’s new programs to support sustainable energy development in Small Island Developing States (the SIDS DOCK Support Program, end of Chapter 2), and results-based approaches to energy sector development (end of Chapter 5).

These main chapters are followed by a Financial Review (Chapter 6) and Annexes covering ESMAP results, outputs, current portfolio, publications, and World Bank Group operations informed by ESMAP activities.


World Bank. 2013. Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP): 2013 Annual Report. ESMAP. Washington DC: World Bank Group.

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