ESMAP Sponsors Energy Efficiency Workshops in Brazil and Russia
July 30 2010

In keeping with its operational focus, ESMAP's Energy Efficient Cities Initiative (EECI) sponsored two city practitioners’ workshops in June 2010 -- Financial and Technical Solutions for Sustainable Cities in Brasilia, Brazil, and Energy Efficient Cities in Russia: Preparing, Financing and Implementing Municipal Energy Efficiency Programs in Kazan, Russia.  The EECI team shared international experience and good practices with respect to municipal energy efficiency programs while facilitating roundtable discussions on practical challenges and solutions for each country.

Brasilia, Brazil (June 8-9, 2010)

A two-day conference, co-sponsored with CAIXA, a national development bank, brought together senior city officials and other practitioners/experts to discuss opportunities and challenges to develop their urban landscapes and supporting infrastructure in a more sustainable manner.  Over 90 participants were present, including representatives from about a dozen local governments, to discuss issues ranging from sustainable city planning to sustainable municipal solid waste, transport and housing, to carbon finance and adaptation.  EECI presented the public procurement approach to bundle buildings for retrofitting as a potential way of improving energy efficiency in municipal services.  Following a day of presentations, a roundtable was held to discuss four broad questions: (i) what has your city done with respect to climate change mitigation and adaptation? (ii) what opportunities do you see for your city in these areas? (iii) what are the main challenges facing your city to realize these opportunities? And (iv) what tools and support do your cities need to overcome these challenges?  A featured story of the conference is available on the Brasilia country office website and the conference proceedings are available on-line.

Kazan, Russia (June 29-30, 2010)

More than 100 officials, including representatives from over 40 cities, participated in a 2-day conference, co-hosted by the Ministry of Regional Development, to discuss opportunities, barriers, planning, and implementation modes for improving energy efficiency at the municipal level.  Following the passage of the new federal law On Energy Efficiency Improvement and Energy Saving(Federal Law #261-FZ of November 23, 2009), local governments are obligated to take a number of steps to reduce their energy intensity, including providing full metering of buildings, conducting of energy audits, and developing and implementing energy efficiency plans.  The purpose of the event was to discuss city obligations and share international experiences with respect to developing such programs at the municipal level.  Local government officials, Russian experts, as well as practitioners from the region (Germany, Poland, Ukraine) shared their approaches and experiences.  ESMAP presented relevant World Bank city-level tools and approaches (ESMAP Rapid Assessment Framework, Eco2 Cities, City-Wide Carbon Finance, Public Procurement) to support such efforts.  A featured story of the conference is available in English and Russian, on the Moscow country office website and the conference proceedings are available on-line.

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