Issue | September 2012


June 13 2017
Geothermal energy has significant potential to contribute large shares of clean, renewable base-load power in many countries, particularly in Central America, South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia.  As of 2011, however, geothermal generated just 0.3% of the world’s total electric power. To help catalyze a scale-up of geothermal in developing countries, ESMAP has published the Geothermal Handbook: Planning and Financing Power Generation. The handbook presents the phases of geothermal project development, examining the risks involved and the policies, institutions and financing mechanisms needed to successfully bring projects to fruition. The report stresses the importance of concerted international assistance to help finance geothermal scale-up in the early, risky phases of development.
September 20 2012
The Vietnam Low Carbon Development Forum was an opportunity to strengthen consensus around Vietnam's low carbon development options.
October 16 2012
New awards have been announced for renewable energy programs and enterprises that will help vulnerable small island developing states transition to sustainable sources of power. The awards have been launched by Ashden, as a new series of the Ashden Awards, and are being supported by ESMAP and the SIDS DOCK partnership.
September 20 2012
As one of the largest concentrated solar power (CSP) installations in the world, international efforts to scale up CSP in the Middle East and North Africa region are entering a new stage.



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Published on: 09/01/2012