Issue | January - February 2012


February 15 2012
What policy incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency work best? How should they be tailored to fit different conditions? How can policy-makers make energy markets respond to deliver clean energy at affordable prices? These were some of the questions addressed at a recent World Bank workshop supported by ESMAP that was designed to produce specific guidance to policymakers.
February 17 2012
Women as major consumers of energy?The success of sustainable development will depend on engaging women’s potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the household level.
February 17 2012
Modelers gathered in Delhi in December 2011 to continue working with the EFFECT tool to further low carbon planning in India.
February 1 2012
Lighting Africa, which ESMAP supports through the Africa Renewable Energy and Access Program (AFREA), was featured on CNN at the beginning of February. 


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