PAST EVENT | Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) Stakeholder Forum | December 7, 2021



By connecting stakeholders and sharing experiences in deploying energy storage, the Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) helps bring new technological and regulatory solutions to developing countries, as well as help develop new business models that leverage the full range of services that storage can provide.

ESP’s Approach

The ESP takes a holistic, technology-neutral approach by looking at all forms of energy storage, including but not limited to batteries. By developing and adapting new storage solutions to the needs of developing countries, the ESP will help expand the global market for energy storage, leading to technology improvements and accelerating cost reductions over time.


During the ESP forum, participants will hear from ESP Stakeholders from the private sector, WB client countries’ representatives, and ESP Partners who will share their experiences working on developing countries, such as Zanzibar and the Pacific Islands through their energy storage journey, and to present the latest on energy storage technologies: Second-Life Batteries, Liquid Metal Batteries, and Iron-Air Batteries, and others.



Introductory Remarks | Gabriela Elizondo Azuela, Practice Manager, ESMAP, World Bank 

Progress of the Battery Storage Investment Program: Chandrasekar Govindarajalu, Lead Energy Specialist, ESMAP, World Bank 


Developing country experiences in scaling up energy storage, presentations followed by Q&A 

Presentations on opportunities and challenges for energy storage deployment in developing countries. 

  • Kamalesh Doshi, Project Manager of “Sustainable Energy Development Project”, Republic of Marshall Islands 
  • Shiraz Maulid, Project Manager of “Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access Project”, Zanzibar Electricity Corporation, Zanzibar 


Progress of Energy Storage Partnership (ESP) and ESP Stakeholder Updates 

  • Updates on Energy Storage Partnership, Juliet Pumpuni, Senior Energy Specialist, ESMAP, World Bank 
  • Announcement of Second Cohort for the Women in Energy Storage Mentoring Program, Nathyeli Acuna Castillo, Gender Specialist, ESMAP, World Bank 
  • Long Duration Energy Storage Council, Michael Geyer, Senior Technical Advisor, Malta 




Energy storage technology updates, presentations followed by Q&A 

Presentations on new projects and technology updates on energy storage, and its applicability to developing countries.  

  • Second-Life Batteries - Fabrice Roudet, Head of Energy Storage and EV Charging EMEA, Eaton Industries Manufacturing GmbH  
  • Liquid Metal Battery - Adam Briggs, Chief Commercial Officer, Ambri 
  • Iron-Air Battery - Annie Baldwin, Director of Product Management, Form Energy 

10:35 - 10:55 

Stakeholder Feedback  

10:55 – 11:00 

Closing remarks by the World Bank 

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