Togolese Solar Mamas successfully install a solar system, making their village clinic off-grid. Photograph by Lar Bolands.
PAST EVENT | ESMAP Webinar | Case Study: Togolese CIZO Cheque Model

The Togo CIZO program stands out as an ambitious and successful example of how governments can use digitals tools to effectively address affordability gaps in the off-grid solar space. There are several features of the subsidy design that has led to its success and sector stakeholders are interested in gaining unique insights as more countries are exploring the possibility of implementing end user subsidies.

While the high-level design of the program is well-known, the intrinsic mechanics of the various stages of implementation have not been shared in detail. Through this webinar, stakeholders went beyond the high-level design and deep-dive and into the fundamentals that are crucial to a well-rounded and efficient end user subsidy.

This event was the fourth event in a series of webinars offering participants in-depth insights into innovative end user subsidies for off-grid solar standalone products and is targeted towards policy makers, development partners, investors, and the private sector.

AGENDA (Recording)

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the End User Subsidy Lab (Presentation)
  • Presentation of the CIZO Cheque End User Subsidy
  • Private Sector Perspective by BBOXX
  • Feedback and Q&A
  • Closing Remarks

CHAIR: Vonjy Miarintsoa Rakotondramanana | Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank


Robil Nassoma | Acting General Director, AT2ER

Tessa Lee | Global Head of Policy and Government Engagement, BBOXX

Juliet Pumpuni | Senior Energy Specialist, Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), World Bank


Contact: Jennifer Lee Tracy |