Issue | July - August - September 2017

October 5 2017 Off-Grid Electricity to Transform Rural Kenya ESMAP’s work in off-grid electrification in Kenya gets off the ground with a new $150 million World Bank investment project to provide electricity to 1.3 million people through mini grids, individual solar systems and cookstoves.   #040a2b


October 17 2017
The World Bank’s commitment to Turkey’s energy sector and economic growth is evident in this immersive story. ESMAP has been a long-standing partner to Turkey, assisting it through its energy reform process.
July 25 2017
ESMAP support has helped open the doors to Djibouti’s geothermal development, recently brokering a $18 million contract with Iceland Drilling Company.  
July 26 2017
The first of its kind, the Electrification Pathways application builds on a state-of-the-art geospatial modelling algorithm to provide countries with a ‘first pass’ rapid planning tool informing universal electricity access strategies.  
August 29 2017
ESMAP helped men and women in Vietnamese communities living around the Trung Son Hydropower project to gain equal access to benefits such as resettlement compensation and training. Women have also strengthened their participation in community-based initiatives. The support was provided by ESMAP’s East Asia and Pacific Gender and Energy Facility.    
October 5 2017
West Bank and Gaza are facing significant energy security challenges. In Gaza, power supply only meets half the demand leading to blackouts, while West Bank is experiencing frequent power shortages during peak winter and summer months. 
October 5 2017
Five new solar measurement stations were installed across Vietnam as part of the World Bank and the Electricity of Vietnam’s efforts to promote renewable energy (RE) in the country.
September 13 2017
A new ESMAP-supported brief describes big data analytics techniques to facilitate their use in the energy sector and promotes a new open platform for energy data.  
October 5 2017
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and Swiss Federal Councilor Johann N. Schneider-Amman signed an administrative agreement for continued support for ESMAP. 
October 17 2017
$400 million World Bank project leveraged by ESMAP is providing electricity to 700,000 people in Myanmar. Implementing its National Electrification Plan aims to bring electricity to everyone by 2030.

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