Solar Resource Mapping in Vietnam: Site Selection Report

This report is prepared within the World Bank ESMAP project Selection : 1231900 or solar measurements in Vietnam. Under this project at least five solar measurement stations funded from a World Bank executed trust fund will be commissioned. These are to be installed at different sites distributed throughout the whole country from North to South. These sites should well represent the local climatic conditions and be situated at sites favorable for solar energy projects. The intention is to begin measurements at these sites as soon as possible, to provide validation data. The Government of Vietnam has a target to add solar energy generation capacity of12 GW by 2030. However, Vietnam currently has limited data on renewable energy resource potential. The World Bank team supporting the Government of Vietnam is therefore launching a parallel activity to support country level renewable energy resource assessment and mapping, focusing on solar, with technical and financial support from World Bank-executed trust fund.


World Bank. 2017. Solar resource mapping in Vietnam : site selection report - selection : 1231900. Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.

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