Solar Resource Mapping in Malawi: Annual Solar Resource Report

This report is prepared within Phase 2 of the project Renewable Energy Resource Mapping for Malawi. This project focuses on solar resource mapping and measurement services as part of a technical assistance in the renewable energy development implemented by the World Bank in Malawi. It is being undertaken in close coordination with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining (MoNREM) of Malawi, the World Bank’s primary country counterpart for this project, and Malawi Meteorological Services (MMS).

This project is funded by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), administered by the World Bank and supported by bilateral donors. Thi delivery of site-specific data, site adaptation of solar model, data uncertainty and statistical summary. This report accompanies delivery of site-specific solar resource and meteorological data for three sites, where solar meteorological stations have been operated. As a result of high-quality operation of the meteorological sites and site adaptation of the Solargis model, reliable historical time series and TMY data is computed.

The delivered time series and Typical Meteorological Year data is ready to use for bankable evaluation of solar energy projects report summarizes results of first twelve months of the measuring campaign at three solar meteorological stations installed in Malawi, as part of the World Bank’s ESMAP mission in Malawi.


World Bank. 2017. Solar Resource Mapping in Malawi: Annual Solar Resource Report. Energy Sector Management Assistance Program. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group.

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