Utility Scale DSM Opportunities and Business Models in India

The first study Utility Scale DSM Opportunities and Business Models in India explores how DSM interventions can potentially help in managing electricity shortfall, optimizing power procurement costs for utilities, reducing consumer power subsidies and improving fiscal health of state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs) and ultimately, unlocking megawatt scale energy savings.


Sarkar, Ashok; Mukhi, Neha; Padmanaban, Padu S.; Kumar, Amit; Kumar, Kulbhushan; Bansal, Manoj; Ganta, Shuboday; Mukhitdinova, Farzona. 2016. Utility Scale DSM Opportunities and Business Models in India. Prepared for the World Bank Energy and Extractives Global Practice, South Asia Region. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group.

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