Clean Energy Ministerial and ESMAP to Help Countries Scale Up, Integrate Renewable Energy in Grids
June 02 2015

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) will work with ESMAP to deliver targeted technical assistance that will help developing and middle-income countries integrate large shares of wind and solar energy into their electricity grids.


The prospect of meeting a sizeable share of electricity demand through wind and solar also requires expansion and modernization of electricity grids, as well as significant changes to policies and operational practices. There is tremendous demand for technical assistance to help countries make the transition to a “renewable-friendly” grid.


CEM and the World Bank will work together to meet this demand by leveraging CEM’s wide-ranging technical expertise to support a new ESMAP initiative. The ESMAP Variable Renewable Energy Integration Program helps countries develop capacity for long-term grid planning, market design, renewable energy pricing, development of rules of access to electricity grids, and strengthening of the electricity dispatch and transport infrastructure.


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