Transparency and Social Accountability in the Egyptian Power Sector

Social accountability refers to the responsiveness of the state to the needs of its citizens, and encompasses a broad range of actions and mechanisms such as tracking of public expenditures, monitoring of public service delivery, and working with citizen advisory boards. Transparency entails access to and effective use of information by citizens, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local communities, and the private sector.


To work towards these objectives,  Egypt’s Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (ERA) has been working with the World Bank to evaluate systems and procedures for:


  • Proactively disclosing information about the power sector's quality of service, operational, and financial performance, and development plans and policies; 

  • Seeking customer and public feedback; and 

  • Engaging customers in monitoring sector performance.


Such a system, by helping to improve both the performance of the sector and the public acceptance of its policies and plans, ultimately can raise the sector’s efficiency, quality, and sustainability.


This study covers four interlocking areas (institutional analysis; performance benchmarking; customer interface-transparency and public information systems; and consumer surveys). After analyzing and identifying weaknesses in each area separately, actions are then suggested that encompass the interlocking whole.



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