Southern African Regional Workshop on Concentrating Solar Thermal Power

Varadarajan Atur, Lead Energy Specialist, World Bank;  Dr. P. H.K Kedikilwe, Minister of Ministry of Minerals, Energy & Water Resources, Botswana; and  Babu Ram, Chief Power Engineer, AfDB

A regional workshop on project development opportunities for Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CST) was held in Gaborone, Botswana on May 18-19, 2010.  The objective of the workshop was to inform local experts from utilities and government institutions about different CST technologies and project development aspects.  This is to allow for a better assessment of potential CST development opportunities in the Southern African region.  The workshop was organized and funded by the Energy Anchor of the World Bank Energy Anchor,  ESMAP and  Botswana's Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Resources.  Please click here for a detailed report on the outcomes of the CST workshop.




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Contact: Nataliya Kulichenko, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank, or
Cindy Suh, Senior Strategy and Operations Officer, ESMAP