Issue | September 2011


July 28 2011
Tools to help city authorities understand the dynamics of urban development in relation to transport in a rapidly growing cities using the concept of accessibility.
June 12 2017
In their efforts to move toward a lower-carbon power sector, developing countries are facing the need to considerably expand their transmission networks to serve the needs of renewable energy. 
September 13 2011
In Kenya, Mali, Senegal, and Tanzania, the groundwork is being laid for a new vision of energy access that includes the needs of both men and women.
September 13 2011
A new report recommends a number of measures to make transportation in Zarqa—Jordan's second-most densely populated city—more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
June 12 2017
Cost-effective procurement of electricity generation is a challenge for countries around the world. The situation is particularly difficult in developing countries with high and volatile load growth rates and limited access to financing
June 12 2017
Rising energy prices, climate change and the increased role of water resources for economic growth and poverty alleviation have led to a renewed focus on the role of hydropower

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