Strengthening Energy Systems In a time of technology disruption

As technological disruption spreads to developing countries, the transformation of their power sectors will be critical in their journey towards achieving SDG 7. New business models and services are emerging in these markets with the promise of cheaper, greener and smarter electricity, often delivered by new private sector entities. The ESMAP Knowledge Exchange Forum brought together 150 participants from governments, the global development community, the private sector and academia to share ideas and exchange knowledge and insights to answer this question: What is the future of energy systems in these dynamic times, and how can developing countries adapt? Ranjit Lamech, Director, World Bank Energy & Extractives shares key messages from the discussions.

The event is hosted by DFID and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategies. The Honorable Lord Bates, DFID’s Minister of State discusses the crucial role energy plays in development and the challenges associated with delivering services.

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6 Perspectives Videos
CTO and Co-Founder, BBOXX

Shares how their technology-based business model can accelerate  electrification rates

CEO, TATA Power, Delhi, India

Presents his views on building smart utilities and lessons learned from TATA’s experience

President, REASL, Sierra Leone

Discusses how her country’s energy revolution is transforming energy services

Head, Electricity Tenders, Chile

Provides insights and lessons from Chile’s successful renewable energy auction

COO, Shell Foundation

Discusses the role of the private sector in shaping the utilities of the future

Director of Energy, ABRACE, Brazil

Elaborates on Brazil’s demand side response program

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