Issue | March 2011


March 1 2011
Nepal is expanding its power sector investments to include cross border energy trade with India with support from the World Bank.
March 2 2011
A new book on Climate Impacts on Energy Systems, Key Issues for Energy Sector Adaptation has just been launched in Washington DC on February 28, 2011.
March 7 2011
Benefits of electrification programs in most developing countries comes from savings made by households when they switch to cheap and reliable electricity for lighting, entertainment and cooking.
February 15 2011
ESMAP is helping cities improve energy use and cut costs through its newly designed Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE), formally known as the Rapid Assessment Framework (RAF).
March 1 2011
A report which aims to influence power sector policies was discussed in Dhaka and New Delhi, early February 2011.
March 2 2011
workshop on “Low Emission Development Strategy Initiatives: Building a Global Dialogue” was held in Washington DC on February 2-3, 2011.
September 4 2013
New market research report released by the ESMAP-supported Lighting Africa program in August 2013.

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