Issue | December 2010


November 23 2010
The increase in the use of solar portable lights would make Africa the world’s largest market for this kind of lighting says a new report.
November 23 2010
A new guide has been released to help countries save energy in office buildings, water utilities, public lighting, schools and hospitals.
November 30 2010
A new policy paper demonstrates that low-carbon rural energy services can be delivered cheaply to communities that use diesel-powered electricity.
November 30 2010
A new World Bank/ESMAP funded program is promoting and assisting private entrepreneurs to invest in small power plants to light-up rural areas in Tanzania.
November 11 2010
The World Bank Group's IFC Smartlessons has published ESMAP's experience in bringing together stakeholders in Albania to discuss the impact of climate change on energy supplies and to prioritize vulnerabilities, risks, and adaptation options.
November 23 2010
Promoting green electricity schemes could reduce China's consumption of non-fossil fuels by 2020, says a new World Bank/ESMAP report.
December 1 2010
Report presents an overview of how the energy sector might be impacted by climate change and what options exist for their management.
November 30 2010
The World Bank/ESMAP presented their efforts in promoting energy efficiency in buildings at the Sustainable Buildings Network Conference in Paris.
November 30 2010
A program to improve access to energy has expanded into Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia and Tanzania.
June 13 2017
Harnessing the full potential of renewable sources requires addressing different policy, regulatory, and technical planning aspects which currently inhibit the expansion of the transmission system. 

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