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IMPACT Issue 10 | Listening to Client Needs: ESMAP Support to Turkey's Energy Tansition 2007-2015


Few countries can parallel Turkey’s efforts to restructure its energy sector over the past 15 years. Moving from a state-owned, vertically-integrated model, Turkey has entirely privatized electricity distribution; passed ground-breaking electricity market, renewable energy, and energy efficiency legislation; established new regulatory bodies; and carried out price reform.








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IMPACT Issue 9 | Bringing Global Best Practices to Transform Kenya's Slum Electrification Program


With support from the World Bank and ESMAP, Kenya Power brought electricity to 150,000 urban poor households in one year.  The success was due to a community-centric approach that marketed the advantages of cheap, legal power in slum areas. ESMAP’s knowledge exchanges with other countries helped Kenya Power shape this successful approach.









ESMAP Impact Story 8 Liberia Rehabilitated Hydro Plant Highlights Success of Liberia's Rural Electrification Agency

IMPACT Issue 8 | Rehabilitated Hydro Plant Highlights Success of Liberia’s Rural Electrification Agency


The rehabilitation of the Yandahoun plant in Liberia’s northern Lofa County represents a small but important first step in bringing electricity to the millions of Liberians who currently live off the grid. It also signifies the success of the World Bank‐supported Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) in taking its first major electrification project from concept stage through to completion.








Impact Story 7 India State of Maharashtra Builds Capacity to Double Electricity Transmission


IMPACT Issue 7 | India State of Maharashtra Builds Capacity to Double Electricity Transmission


ESMAP played a key role in this successful outcome through a technical assistance program to strengthen MSETCL’s capacity to manage public‐private contracts and implement a range of new human resource policies that have helped turn a traditional state‐run company in to a commercial business entity.







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IMPACT Issue 6 | ESMAP Helps Lighting Africa Brighten Off-Grid Communities


The success of Lighting Africa in building sustainable markets for cleaner, affordable, and high quality solar lighting has led to its integration into a range of upcoming World Bank programs, including rural electrification schemes in Burkina Faso and Mali.








IMPACT Issue 5: ESMAP Lighting Toolkit Helps Mexico Achive Record Breaking Feat


IMPACT Issue 5 | ESMAP Lighting Toolkit Helps Mexico Achieve Record-Breaking Feat


ESMAP helped make Mexico’s recordbreaking feat possible by producing the CFL Toolkit used by planners in the design phase of the Sustainable Light program.










IMPACT Issue 4 | June 2013 | Electrification Program Helps Boost Incomes in Rural Peru


In recent years, the Government of Peru has made remarkable strides in extending electricity service into rural areas. A 2007


census found that only 30 percent of rural households had access to electricity—one of the lowest rates in Latin America. Over the next four years, the government more than doubled this number through a multi-faceted national program spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and designed with help from ESMAP.






 TRACE Gaziantep, Turkey

IMPACT Issue 3 | June 2013 | ESMAP Tool Helps Turkish City Make Economic Growth Sustainable


The city of Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world. In recent years, the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GMM) has taken a number of steps to tackle energy efficiency challenges and was a natural venue for one of the first global pilots of the Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE) in 2011. Read more.







IMPACT Issue 02 | May 2013 | ESMAP Study Highlights Concentrated Solar Power Potential in Morocco


IMPACT Issue 2 | May 2013 | ESMAP Study Highlights Concentrated Solar Power Potential in Morocco


The findings of an ESMAP report on concentrated solar power (CSP) in Morocco played a catalytic role in the financing and development of one of the largest CSP installations in the world. Read more.










ESMAP Helps Triple Electrification Rates in Rwanda


IMPACT Issue 1 | May 2013 | ESMAP Helps Triple Electrification Rates in Rwanda


An ESMAP program in Rwanda helped develop a Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) for the country’s dilapidated energy sector.


Three years later, the SWAp had trebled the number of grid-connected households and provided a model for future collaboration between the government and its development partners. Read more.




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