2009 ESMAP Annual Report Released
January 25 2010
News Over the past year, ESMAP has taken significant steps, in line with its new 2008-2013: Strategic Business Plan, to extend its engagement with client countries to encompass the nexus of energy security, energy access, and climate change, mirroring the changing landscape of global energy challenges.

Despite the bleak global economic picture, ESMAP stayed on track by receiving US$13.9 million from donors (up US$0.6 million from fi scal 2008) and disbursing US$14.9 million (up US$2.million from fiscal 2008). In the years ahead, ESMAP looks forward to helping its client countries grapple with new and emerging energy challenges while maintaining the course towards poverty reduction and economic growth. ESMAP’s 2009 Annual Report is now available on-line. Hard copies are available upon request, please contact us at


Amarquaye Armar, Program Manager, ESMAP


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