PUBLISHEDApril 1 2018
Small Hydro Resource Mapping in Tanzania

In January 2013, ESMAP launched an initiative that will support country-driven efforts to improve awareness about renewable energy resources (RE), to implement appropriate policy frameworks for RE development, and to provide “open access” to resources and geospatial mapping data. This initiative will also support the IRENA-Global Atlas by improving the availability and quality of the data that can be consulted through the interactive Atlas. This Hydro-Atlas of Tanzania is a document that contains all the information directly or indirectly related to hydropower and collected during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this study. The information has been compiled and processed in a Geographic Information System (GIS) and is presented as thematic maps, tables, graphs and various illustrations. The Hydro-Atlas also includes the results of the prioritization of promising sites, as discussed during the Phase 1 and presented in the Hydro Mapping Report of April 2015.The information of this Atlas presents the hydropower potential of Tanzania including the new potential sites identified by the consulting engineering firm SHER (ARTELIA Group) within the framework of this study, using the Site Finder tool as well as the existing hydropower sites. The creation of the Atlas started with Phase 1 of the study. The Atlas has been updated at the end of Phase 3, by including new information collected on the field and updating the contextual information. The Geographic Information System has been designed to meet the compatibility and standardization requirements defined in the terms of reference so that geographic data can be easily published on the World Bank GIS platform. In addition, the consultant used the free of charge GIS software Quantum GIS for processing and publishing the geographic data, which makes it possible to disseminate and transfer the data free of charge during the training sessions carried out at the end of Phase 1.The present Hydro-Atlas of Tanzania focuses exclusively on potential sites in the range of capacities between 0.3 and 10 MW.


Small hydro resource mapping in Tanzania : hydropower atlas : final report (English). Energy Sector Management Assistance Program. Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.

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