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Spurring Energy Sector Transformation in Ethiopia, Solar Mini Grids Put Nigeria o Path to Energy for All by 2030; Improving Urban Heating in the Kyrgyz Republic, Getting to Gender Equality in Energy Infrastructure.
New Energy Efficiency Plans Unlock Kazakhstan’s Energy Potential; shifting to clean, efficient cooking to improve health, reduce pollution and toxic air. Launch of a new powerful tool to measure Wind Energy Potential; how rural women light…
ESMAP’s work in off-grid electrification in Kenya gets off the ground with a new $150 million World Bank investment project. The project will provide electricity to 1.3 million people in 14 rural counties through mini grids, individual…
The world is not moving fast enough to reach its universal electricity access goal by 2030. A substantial acceleration of efforts and investments are needed to achieve this objective.
The Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy (RISE) data platform, developed by the World Bank's Energy Global Practice with support from ESMAP.
Reducing energy subsidies can have a substantial impact on the budgets of developing countries, but reform can be incredibly challenging for country governments.